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The European Jazz Trio, comprising Marc van Roon on Piano, Frans van der Hoeven on bass and Roy Dackus on drums has been recording and performing since 1995, when it released a CD of Beatles’ songs in fresh arrangements.

On each album, the trio has taken songs in every style, shape and color, and has given them a jazz interpretation. For the trio ‘Jazz’ means to have the freedom to combine and mix styles, melodies, sounds and rhythms to create something fresh and surprising.

Van Roon: “A Specialty of the trio is to try and find some unusual material – unusual in a jazz setting – and to arrange it for the trio. It works both ways: You can take the sound of a jazz trio and give it a fresh voice, a new approach; likewise, you can take the music that everybody knows – pop tunes and classical tunes – and give people a chance to hear them in a different way.”

The European Jazz Trio pushes the envelope of jazz music by adding to it its own sound and rhythm, a result of the music that has influenced the trio’s members.